Play and Have Fun Responsibly

Playing online is for most of us what it should be, casual entertainment. However, as with most forms of excitement, for a small minority, to play online casino can be a problem that in some cases can cause significant consequences.

The broader base of all our online players will never have a problem and truly enjoy it. However we want everyone to be informed and aware. To play responsibly is not limited to only those with a gambling issue or the most susceptible to an issue. The safest way is for everyone to always have responsible gaming on top of mind when playing for real money.

Trust and safety is in our core focus at Wipe Slot and we are dedicated to partner up with casino operators who support Responsible Gaming requirements and offer tools for the players to limit and self-exclude themselves, as well as are able to advice and direct the players who ask for help to the local or global help services for responsible gaming.

Responsible Gaming Requirements

The regulatory authorities have many license requirements on the casino operators and game developers, requirements include but are not limited to:


Responsible Gaming Services

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it may be time for you to control your gambling. Using the information and tools provided by the casino room’s, we have listed a few of the known responsible gaming services but we are not qualified to advise on such a sensitive matter, we therefore recommend you to not hesitate and seek help from the professionals.

Gambling Therapy: